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Course Outline

The Practical Voice and Career Development course is designed for aspiring vocalists looking to develop both their vocal skills and understanding of the music industry. Spread over six trimesters, the program offers a balanced mix of practical and theoretical knowledge aimed at producing well-rounded music professionals.

Course Framework

6 Trimesters over 2 years.

Course Structure

The practical voice and career development course unfolds over six meticulously structured trimesters, each comprising three focused sprints, offering students a clear and well-organized learning pathway. This unique structure allows for an immersive educational experience where students engage in a diverse array of subjects, including:

Musicianship Theory and Aural- learning and understanding the elements of music. e.g – Tempo, Rhythm, Pitch, Harmony, Tonality, Timbre, Texture, Form, Dynamics etc.

Musicianship Practical – applying the element of music in a musical setting or on an instrument.

Vocal and instrumental ensemble – playing or singing music with other musicians.
Masterclass- receiving feedback on your performance practice.

Career development – Developing a career as a musician.

The inclusion of personalized 1-1 voice lessons is a significant feature of the program, providing individualized learning experiences to meet each student’s unique needs and goals.

This dynamic course combines theoretical knowledge and practical application to give students the opportunity to hone their skills and gain confidence in the music industry. Through hands-on activities such as collaborative productions, masterclasses, and recitals, students are able to refine their knowledge and apply it to real-world settings.

Not only does this approach provide essential skills, but it also prepares students to face the challenges and opportunities of the music industry. By combining theory and practice, this course gives students the tools they need to succeed in the multifaceted world of music.


Vocal Technique

Beyond Vocal Techniques, the course delves into the anatomy and physiology of the voice, helping students enhance their vocal quality and versatility. essential musicianship skills, such as keyboard playing, harmonic exploration, repertoire crafting, improvisation, and arranging, are also covered.

Career Development and Wellbeing

Career development is a key focus of the program, offering insights into goal setting, brand building, networking, and the business side of the music industry. The course also addresses the importance of performers’ wellness, incorporating practices and techniques crucial for maintaining mental health and self-esteem in the competitive field of music.

Music Technology

Students will also be introduced to the latest in music technology, industry trends, and strategies for sustaining a career in music, ensuring they are well-prepared for the future of the industry.

A Comprehensive Approach to being a Musician.

Starting with an introduction to musicianship, vocal anatomy, and mindset building in the first trimester, and concluding with topics like music copyright, working with agents and managers, and final recital preparation in the sixth trimester, the course is structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Open to All Levels

Open to aspiring vocalists at different levels, the course is suitable for both beginners and those with some experience in the field. Upon completion, graduates will not only be proficient in vocal performance but will also have a deep understanding of musicianship and a clear strategy for building a career in the music industry. with a portfolio that reflects their skills and learning journey, graduates will be ready to confidently engage with the music industry as knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

What You Will Learn

Vocal Mastery: understand and master vocal anatomy, physiology, and various techniques to enhance your voice quality and versatility.
Musicianship Skills: acquire essential skills like keyboard playing, harmonic exploration, repertoire crafting, improvisation, arranging, and more.

Career Development: Learn the art of goal setting, brand building, networking, and navigating through the music industry's business aspects.

Wellness For Performers: learn crucial holistic wellness practices, mental health awareness techniques, and strategies to build self-esteem, all essential for performers.

Technology & Future Trends: Stay ahead with knowledge of music technology, future industry trends, and future-proofing strategies for voice professionals.

Trimester Highlights

Trimester 1: orientation and introduction to practical musicianship, vocal anatomy, and mindset building.
Trimester 2: dive deeper into repertoire crafting, improvisation, and the basics of building a creative business.
Trimester 3: explore arranging, working with bands, gigging, and delve into music technology and artist analysis.
Trimester 4: engage in composition, electronic press kits creation, brand presentation, and performance wellness.
Trimester 5: master recording techniques, sound engineering, active listening, and collaborative performances.
Trimester 6: Understand Music copyright, work with agents and managers, and prepare for your final recital.

Who Should Enroll

Whether you're an aspiring vocalist looking to refine your talents or someone aiming to build a successful career in the dynamic music industry, this course is ideal for you. whether you are a beginner or have some experience, this course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for continuous improvement and success.

Course Outcome

Upon completion, students will be proficient vocalists with a deep understanding of musicianship and a clear roadmap for navigating their careers in the music industry. graduates will be equipped to engage with the industry confidently, showcasing a portfolio that reflects their skills and learning journey.